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ZSL is a privately owned limited company. The founders own the majority of the shares, in excess of two thirds, and key personnel and investors hold the remainder.


CEO Dr Graham Bratton BSc, PhD, C.Chem, MRSC, MIOD is a materials and zeolite membrane expert, who was MD of a zeolite membrane company (The Smart Chemical Company Limited) for drying solvents for the fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. Considerable experience in building and developing new businesses has been gained over a number of years.

COO Colin Murton C.Eng, C.Chem is a professional chartered engineer and chemist and engineering expert (in both processes and systems) with experience in designing and promoting a wide range of membrane processes including those bioethanol, oils fuels and military markets. Colin has an extensive sales and marketing background in the deployment of new technologies.


Neil Edkins is a Chemical Engineer who managed a number of hi-tech companies in the 1980's and 1990's on a worldwide basis. Neil, an INSEAD alumnus, is currently a consultant to SMEs improving their business performance through M&A, JVs and distribution networks particularly in Europe and the US.

Chris Knowles is a Professor of Environmental Science, director of the Faraday Partnership, Fellow of Linacre College Oxford, and Trustee of Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Chris also has extensive expertise and experience of technology transfer between academia and industry.


The technology was originally developed by Graham Bratton at British Petroleum's research centre at Sunbury in England in the late 1980's, before being exploited by the Smart Chemical Company Limited SCC of which Graham Bratton was MD of, during the 1990's, for drying solvents in the pharmaceutical, fine / speciality chemical and waste water treatment industries with plant being installed for a number of clients in the UK. Europe and USA.

The technology has now been significantly improved and is being targeted initially at the biofuels (bioethanol and biobutanol) market with standardised, fully optimised, modular plants in two sizes capable of drying (i) 25,000 tonnes per annum (tpa)and (ii) 100,000 tpa.

Other more bespoke applications are now being considered for drying a wide range of materials, see applications.


ZSL is actively seeking new partnerships to extend the use / areas of application of Zeosol technology. If you are interested in enquiring further about partnership and technology licensing opportunities please contact the company directly, see contact

intellectual property

ZSL has three patents covering:

(i)    Membrane production
(ii)   Novel support geometries, and
(iii)  The engineering aspects required to ensure optimum performance

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