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ROI (Return On Investment) Ethanol Drying:
A plant drying 100,000 tonnes per annum from the azeotrope to 99.8% purity using ZSL technology will pay for itself within 6 months in Europe and within 18 months in the USA based on energy costs associated in each territory.

ZSL's technology has many advantages over Azeotropic Distillation (AD) and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) techniques:

Azeotropic Distillation

PSA / Mol Sieves

Zeolite Membranes
Medium CAPEX High CAPEX Medium CAPEX
High installation costs High installation costs Low installation costs
High Maintenance costs High Maintenance costs Low Maintenance costs
Large Footprint Large Footprint Compact
Tall Tall Compact
Chemicals, wastes, complex controls Regeneration, By-products Low intervention

E.G. In drying 100,000 tonnes per annum (tpa) of ethanol from the azeotrope to 99.8% :


Zeolite Membranes
CAPEX £1.75M ($2.85M) £1.40M ($2.28M)
OPEX £9.8M ($15.97M) £6.63M ($10.8M)
Cost pre Litre
(dehydration only)
£0.078 ($0.127) £0.053 ($0.086)

The ZSL technology has advantages over other similar existing and emerging technologies such as organic/polymeric membranes, which have poorer selectivity (leading to problems with contaminated waste streams) and much lower product through-put.

The properties of ZSL's Zeolite Membrane are unique:

  • Dry from 99.5% water to <0.05% water

  • High water fluxes

  • Very high selectivity

  • pH operating range 6 to 10

  • Temperature range 5°C to 250°C

  • Low fouling and robust

  • Stable to solvents and solids

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